Who Are We?

 At Kalina care, we are very passionate about what we do, going above and beyond to ensure we meet the needs of our clients. Our care is exceptional and tailored to the individual requirements of the people we care for. We involve our clients and their relatives in developing their care plans and have the flexibility to adapt our care to the changing needs of our clients

What We Do?

    We support you and your loved ones with activities of daily living, such as washing,
    showering, dressing, feeding, oral hygiene and shopping. Care provided will be personalized to your
    individual circumstance.
    In addition to personal care, our staff are also trained to provide special care, such as PEG feeding, for our clients with special needs.
    We understand how difficult this period can be, and we work to improve quality of life during this stage by providing care to make sure you or loved ones are comfortable.
    We are aware that there are some instances where you may need someone to be around 24/7. Because of this, we provide live-in carers for companionship, help around the house and to keep you as safe as possible.
    We will accompany you to your appointments and ensure you are well taken care of throughout the period, from departure to return.
  • BUDDY:
    Are you worried about being lonely? We are readily available to engage in fun activities that will keep you entertained, such as playing board games, chatting over coffee and reading through magazines.
    We know it is challenging living with dementia, so we are here to support your loved ones and assist them to live as independently as they can.
    We will help with everyday grocery and other shopping needs. We can either accompany them for shopping to allow them to remain independent, where appropriate, or do the shopping for them.
    We will be present to support your loved one overnight, either by sleep-in or staying up to monitor and provide care as required.